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Free Admission to the County Museum

Free Admission to the County Museum, Dundalk



The County Museum, Dundalk has announced plans to drop its admission.  According to the Museum Curator, Brian Walsh, “with the impact of the recession people have less disposable income to spend in whatever way they would like.  By dropping the admission fee, we’re hopefully providing the opportunity to visit one of the best museums in the country, view a variety of exhibitions based on local industries (such as farming, distilling, brewing, tobacco manufacture or engineering); the history of the town and county, or even annual events such as the work of the photographic society or North Louth artists.  The beauty of having such a variety of events and exhibits on show will be that visitors will be able to browse the galleries for as long as they wish in the knowledge that they can always return another day to pick up where they left.”


Mr. Walsh added that “if visitors would like to donate a sum in appreciation of their visit, one which they feel reflects the quality of their experience; the choice is theirs and theirs alone.  The important thing is that people enjoy their visit to the Museum because I am sure that their first visit will not be their last.”