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Polar Voices at the County Museum, Dundalk


On Thursday July 7th 2016, 8.00 pm the County Museum Dundalk will host:


POLAR VOICES - From the Arctic to the Atlantic, an evening of music, film & readings by Lygia O'Riordan and Pia Siirala, Leaders of Ensemble XXI & Polar Voices. Inspired by the Music of the Arctic, Russian Discoveries of an Irish Explorer and the Oval Office Desk'.

'Polar Voices - from the Arctic to the Atlantic' presents this music in film and describes in readings from diaries written during the field trips of ''Polar Voices'' life amongst the nomads and the Small Nations of the Russian Arctic. Pia Siirala will perform her composition for solo violin on indigenous themes ''Ulita's Walk''.


The performance will also tell the story of the Irish explorer, Henry Kellett one of the foremost Arctic explorers of the 19th Century alongside Dundalk-born Leopold McClintock. He discovered the two islands, Herald and Wrangel that now make up the Russian National Arctic Park, also known as the ''Nursery of Polar Bears''.

''Polar Voices - From the Arctic to the Atlantic'' will tell the extraordinary story of how Vice Admiral Henry Kellett brought Ireland right into the Oval Office and is narrated by Lygia O'Riordan.


Ensemble XXI is Russia's first independent orchestra and was founded by Irish conductor, Lygia O'Riordan, and Finnish violinist, Pia Siirala, during their studies at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Over the last decade, they have carried out an intense study of the music of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Arctic, namely in Chukotka, Kamchatka and in Sub Arctic Sakhalin. This resulted in the establishment of Polar Voices, which is dedicated to the preservation of the music collected in recordings & film and in its preservation and exposition as a world treasure.


Tickets €10, concessions €6

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