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County Museum in Dundalk to host international conference


County Museum in Dundalk to host international conference


The County Museum, Dundalk will host a major international conference in June.

The Bridging Ages conference ‘A Place, A Border – Different Stories’ on June 2-5 will have an international attendance drawn from across Europe, with representation also expected from USA, Kenya and South Africa.

Bridging Ages is an international organisation supporting and inspiring institutions such as museums, schools and heritage organisations in the development of historic environment education and time travels.

Bridging Ages draws from 20 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, from schools, communities, museums, local historic societies and everybody interested in the local heritage.

The conference workshops will be based in the An Táin Arts Centre (Dundalk Town Hall) with evening entertainment at locations throughout the county.

Curator Brian Walsh said that the decision to have the County Museum host the Conference is a positive sign for the Museum itself as well as Dundalk and Louth.

“The Museum’s hosting of the Bridging Ages conference is an honour but also a sign that the work we do here in Dundalk is recognised at international level.

“Holding this conference in Dundalk will also mean that local business will benefit through hotel bookings as well as boosting the local retail and hospitality sector. We will be bringing delegates to various locations throughout Louth over the four days with additional opportunities for those areas.”

An added feature of the conference is that it is not only open to academics but also to amateur historians and all those with an interest in local history, as Brian explained, “An excellent feature of ‘A Place, A Border – Different Stories’ is that it will appeal to both academics as well as those who have developed a love of history as a hobby.”

Further information on the conference, is available online at www.bridgingages.com.

For details on conference tickets etc, contact the County Museum, Dundalk at 042 9392999 or e-mail us at info@dundalkmuseum.ie



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