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Gathering History Project

Coming home to Louth for The Gathering?

Play your part in a unique history project for The Gathering 2013


Louth people coming back to Ireland in this, the year of The Gathering 2013, are being asked to make history by giving just an hour of their time to a unique audio history project where they recount their and their family’s stories of living in Louth and abroad.

The Gathering History Project led by Harry Lee and Jason McGee in conjunction with the County Museum, Dundalk hopes to create a fantastic historical archive using the voices of those who share their stories. The interviews will be edited and collated along with photos and other material.

The process simply involves being interviewed by Harry in a designated area of the County Museum in Dundalk.

Speaking on the project which will be formally launched at the museum on March 14, Brian Walsh, Curator, County Museum, Dundalk said: “This is living history - a project whereby those who are returning to Louth during The Gathering can contribute to their county’s history and provide a permanent record of their family’s contribution to the area as well as their new home.”

Jason McGee said: “As far as we know, this is the first project of its kind and is something which could eventually be rolled out throughout Ireland. If people are coming home to Ireland for The Gathering then we hope they won’t mind giving a small bit of their time here to this project.”

Harry Lee said he is looking forward to meeting people from Louth who have settled around the world.

 “Many people who left this county have gone on to make big names for themselves on the world stage, be it in sport, entertainment, business or other walks of life. Others who have perhaps worked in the background have nonetheless made a significant contribution in their chosen countries.

“It will be fascinating to speak to these people of their time in Louth, their reasons for leaving, their stories of their adopted homelands and their feelings on returning to Louth.”

While The Gathering History Project will be launched in March, running from March 11-16th it is hoped that the project will continue throughout the year offering further potential for the expansion of the project.

If you are returning to Louth this year then please consider taking part in the project. Similarly, if you have a family member coming home, please ask them to get involved.

For further information, e-mail info@gatheringhistory.com or contact Jason McGee at  00353(0)86 3844472

You can also learn more about the project via Facebook at The-Gathering-History-Project; via Twitter @GatheringHist or You Tube http://www.youtube.com/gatheringhistory