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Museum Calls For Help With Exhibition

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Museum Calls For Help With Exhibition


The County Museum, Dundalk is seeking the help of the public to develop its exhibition on organist and choir master, Michael van Dessel.  They are asking for people to lend or, indeed, donate items associated with the former organist at St. Patrick’s.  According to Curator Brian Walsh “we’re looking to celebrate Michael’s vast contribution to music in the town.  We’re anxious to ensure that legacy and memory of his life is passed on for many generations to come; this exhibition will do this.”


In particular the Museum is looking for photographs, recordings (video or audio) or even memories of Michael van Dessel with a view to including them in the exhibition.  “One thing that we’re hoping to do is to collect anecdotes that people might have about Michael, which will capture the man, his music, his passion.  Ideally if someone wanted we can have a quick interview with people as they recount their own memories be it as a choirmaster, a musician and composer, or perhaps most importantly, as a friend.  Having collected these we hope to incorporate these memories and tales into the exhibition in some form." The exhibition is scheduled to open in mid-June.  More information may be had by contacting Brian Walsh at 042 9392999.


The Museum has also announced that it will be open to the public free of charge over the St. Patrick’s Weekend – March 18th  and 19th.  ENDS