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Viking lecture in Annagassan

Viking lecture in Annagassan this Thursday


A lecture entitled “Viking Longphorts in Ireland and the search for the Longphort of Linn Duachaill’  will be given by by Eamon P. Kelly, Keeper of Irish Antiquities at the National Museum will be held at 8.00 p.m.  on Thursday 3rd February 2011, in the Loft History Hall,  (above Slan’s Pub) Annagassan, Co. Louth.  The website on the recent Viking discovery will also be launched.

Eamonn is a member of the Linn Duachaill Research Group responsible for the recent discovery of the site of the historic Viking longphort of Linn Duachaill.  According to Mr Kelly, who will be giving a talk on the discovery on Thursday in Annagassan, “The fortress was built in 841, the same year in which the Viking longphort of Dublin was constructed. It continued to operate as a major Viking base until at 927 when the fleet departed.  The site is the best preserved early Viking site to have been found in Ireland and the nature of its archaeological remains and the history attaching to it makes it a site of major international importance. However, Linn Duachaill is not the only Viking longphort to have been found in Ireland.  In the first of a series of talks by members of the Linn Duachaill Research Group, Mr. Kelly will present evidence for a number of other longphorts that the Vikings built in Ireland.  He will also discuss features relating to their form and location that appear to be shared. Information will be provided on the approaches taken and methodology used to locate the longphort of Linn Duachaill.  All are welcome.  Entry charge is €5.  Any enquiries should be made to Maureen at 086 8308112 or maureen@wardconsulting.ie.