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Museum exhibition website nominated for a Golden Spider Award

 Museum exhibition website nominated for a Golden Spider Award


The nominations for the Golden Spider Awards were recently revealed with the website inspired by the ASI archaeological exhibition included in the Best Education website category.  The website (www.asi-louth.ie) features much of the original exhibition including panel text, images as well as the ‘Grave Story’ video.  In addition to this the website also features several downloads including the exhibition brochure and school pack.  An interesting feature of the site is the inclusion of a Google map element locating many of the archaeological sites uncovered in the construction of the western bypass.  Of significance here is the inclusion of some brilliant photographs of on-site work but also a link between the location and the archaeological report for the area.  In addition to these the website also features a timeline to provide a greater context to the uncovered sites and finds as well as a glossary of archaeological terms. 


Brian Walsh, Museum Curator, said that the website’s inclusion among the final eight “reflected the huge amount of work that had been done in pulling the original exhibition together.  We wanted to present archaeology in a completely new light with the exhibition and the website has not only achieved that goal but has added to it.  It is a fitting legacy of the exhibition and is something that we hope to build upon over the coming years.”  He added that “this project would not have been possible without the contributions of the NRA, MOR Solutions and the staff of the Museum and I’m delighted to see this work been recognised at a national level.”


There are seven other nominations covering disciplines as diverse as James Joyce's Dublin to nature and bio-diversity; survival skills for 6th form and a film making course, IT in education and entrepreneurship skills. The winner will be announced on November 18th. More information on the competition itself is available here (check out category number 8).