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Breaking News - Viking find at Annagassan, County Louth



Press Release


A Viking fortress of International importance has been discovered at Annagassan, Co. Louth. The extensive site was uncovered following targeted research excavation. Finds of Viking ship rivets and cut-up Viking silver and looted Irish metalwork also appears to be amongst the excavated material.

Conducted under the aegis of the Annagassan and District Historical Society the excavation was directed by Dr. Mark Clinton in collaboration with Eamon P. Kelly, Archaeologist, and local historian Micheal McKeown.  The excavation work was carried out by Archer Heritage Planning. Funding was provided by the Louth Leader Partnership under the Rural Development (LEADER) programme and Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, and follows a geophysical survey of the site financed by the County Museum Dundalk. The discovery is the culmination of a long term research project to identify the site of the Viking fortress of Linn Duchaill, founded in 841 A.D. the same year as Viking Dublin.

A defensive rampart, consisting of a deep ditch and a bank, was excavated and while radio carbon dates are awaited to confirm the date the rampart has all the appearances of the main fortification of the Viking Fortress.

The finds will be conserved and analysed and a full report of the findings published.

Particular thanks to Brien O Neill and Gerry Sharkey local landowners for their co-operation and permission in undertaking this very significant research