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If I want to donate an item to the Museum what do I do?

You should contact the Museum and inform them that you would like to donate an item. In accepting an object we try to get as much background on the item as possible to get an understanding of its function, where it originated how it was passed on. The Museum then issues a card to the donor which entitles the individual to free admission to the Museum.

What happens then?

Once cataloged the item is given to our Conservator who inspects the item ensuring that the item does not contain any harmful insects that might spread to our collection. We specialise in preventative conservation as opposed to restorative conservation, if an item requires some form of restoration it is passed to the care of a suitable conservator.

Will it be on display?

We have a Recent Acquisitions case wherein recently acquired items are placed on display. This case is updated on an ongoing basis. Items acquired by the Museum may be put on display in our permanent exhibition area on the basis that the item enhances the theme of a particular exhibition. E.g. From Farm to Factory. These exhibitions will change over time thus providing the possibility that items currently held in storage may be put on exhibition in the future.

What items are you interested in?

The County Museum collects, records, preserves, interprets and displays the material culture of County Louth and its hinterland, i.e. Objects found, manufactured, used, or owned by persons/groups/businesses in County Louth.